Warning to all peace loving Malawians

ALERT -I have decided to alert all peace loving Malawians that there are criminal acts being done and criminal plans being worked out by the Democratic Progressive Party and its Gvt to deal with all their critics the critics o

f the current economic systems, Zero Deficit Budget and Resistances to Devaluation of Malawi Kwacha. There are some officers that DPP has planted in Police, Director of Public Prosecution; Prisons, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Ministry of Health, Courts, University Schools, Civil Societies etc who have been mandated to silence, injure, kill or destroy all critics of DPP Govt.

Take note that I do not know all of you I have sent this mail. I got your email addresses from newspapers, online publications etc.

I am one of the people working in government machineries set up to deal with these critics. But the blood of people like Robert Chasowa and others whom DPP led machinery has killed in one way or another is haunting some of us time and gain. But we cannot come out in the open because we will be killed by DPP officers/Youth Cadets/NIB/Police if we spill the beans like they did with Robert Chasowa. Some of us are not used to kill people but we are afraid that if we say “NO” we would be killed by DPP party and Gvt as they fear that we will spill more secrets.

Malawians take note that this information is the total truth because it is coming from myself who is one of the people within Gvt machineries mandated to carry these inhuman acts. I am sorry to say that the name I am using is not the true name for fear of being tracked down and killed by DPP. But I hope God will show me his mercies as I am revealing these secrets and will give me a way of getting out of this slavery with DPP machinery.

These are the DPP tactics of dealing with its critics:

1. Petrol-bombing houses and offices of critics of DPP-led government (The targets since 2011 have been Sembereka, Mwakasungula, Kasambala, Humpreys Mvula, Jumbe, Atupele Muluzi, Joyce Banda, Mpinganjira, Joyce Kabwira, Chilumpha, Mhone, Sembereka, John Gift Mwakhwawa, John Tembo, Kapito and other key figures in Civil Society groupings and Opposition Parties ). This list has been proposed by Mavuto Bamusi as he has promised to assist Gvt in its move to deal with critics.

2. Breaking the unity of Civil Society on pressure for governance issues. DPP is using Mbvuto Bamusi to buy civil societies. Millions of Kwachas have been changed hands from Gvt to Bamusi and other Civil Society Leaders in this process. He is working with several . Bamusi is also the one who is leading the team that is gunning for killing Gvt critics. Since he has been working with Civil Society Leaders . Their children have been promised scholarship, they have been assured of FOREX whenever they want to travel or do business, they have been assured of free fuel at Gvt fuel pumps; they have been promised free medication or payment for their . They have been promised USD500,000 each if they support Peter Muntharika candidacy, Zero Deficit Budget, and Gvt’s stand on devaluation of Kwacha. Take note that Mavuto Bamusi attended the meeting that agreed to arrest and kill Kasambara. He strongly supported the idea of killing Mavuto Bamusi. He has worked out plans which have been approved by DPP to destabilize Civil Society leaders. He has bought support from 40 Civil Society Groups. This money is blood money from satanic movement!

3. Killing critics through motor-vehicle accidents through satanic movements and other means. Take note that these people who are being used to buy Civil Society leaders are Satanic. They worship Satanic and do not have mercies for poor Malawians as long as they fill their pockets and worsip the Devil

4. Killing critics through food poisoning or medical poisoning when the critics seek medical assistance from hospitals (several Gvt and Private Hospital Doctors have been promised huge sums of money if they medically poison Gvt critics)

5. Forging signatures of critics and producing documents which are treasonous in nature so that critics should be arrested and imprisoned (such fake and false documents will include plans by Civil Society leaders and Opposition leaders to impeach Bingu, to start civil wars to oust DPP Gvt, to kill Malawi President etc). The reason is either to tarnish their image/reputation and to arrest them

6. Faking corruption charges by working hand in hand with few judges who would claim that they were bribed by Gvt critics

7. Using women to fake rape cases against civil society leaders or opposition leaders; and using men to fake homosexual cases against civil society leaders and opposition leaders. The problem with our leaders is that they are very womanizing. So please opposition leaders and civil society leaders avoid womanizing or else you will end up being trapped

8. DPP Gvt has employed some Palestinians and Chinese to plant bombs aiming at killing civil society leaders and opposition leaders. They have also attracted suicide-bombers from Middle East to kill civil society leaders and opposition leaders

9. Closing down newspapers which are critical of Malawi Gvt by taking advantage of non-TAX payment issues, fake libel cases, registration issues etc (these include NPL and BNL). While Kaliati is happy to see bare breasts exposed at Mulalkho festivities, she would like to use the Action Girl issue to close BNL (She has instructed MACRA to take the newspaper to task). This is because it has exposed sexual scandals on DPP officials.

10. Bringing in Legislation to regulate NGO and Civil Societies in order to control their activities and funding and in the end closing down some of them by lying that they have been stealing donor-funds. Mavuto Bamusi has promised Gvt to come up with strategies towards these plans.

11. Buying some critics as they have done with some who have been employed in government institutions like NICE in order to control civic education in favour of DPP for 2014 elections. Others will be promised employment in embassies and other gvt ministries or money. Mavuto Bamusi has promised Gvt that NICE’s civic education for 2014 elections will be biased towards DPP

12. They will buy more opposition MPs as they did with Hon. Gwengwe who will be paraded in DPP political meetings to say all sorts of bad things (lies) about Opposition Parties and Civil Societies

13. Gvt has distributed huge sums of satanic monies to some people to start their own NGOs or Civil Society Groupings which will work against activities of institutions that are criticising DPP Gvt and even challenging or getting injunctions against whatever critics of DPP gvt will plan to do. This is in addition to buying the current civil societies who will be releasing documents supporting Gvt Zero Deficit Budget, Quota System, non-devaluation of Malawi Kwacha.

14. Gvt will organise their own demonstrations through these groupings or DPP Cadets to counter demonstrations by the public or civil societies. DPP Cadets are being sent to China for military trainings

15. Gvt also sends their youths to damage and loot goods from shops whenever civil societies hold demonstrations in order to blame civil societies for looting during their demonstrations. They plan to be using these youths as witnesses lying that that they were sent by civil societies to break into shops and loot goods. I know some youths who looted shops during the July 20, 2011 demonstrations but were not arrested as they were DPP youths. Only other youths who were not not sent by DPP were arrested.

16. Kidnapping critics if they do not want to be silenced with money or ministerial posts

17. DPP has also some of its people and spies that post their comments on online news. A good example is Ndirande Love on Nyasatimes who always track down people who criticises DPP Gvt and post comments for the DPP Gvt. He is paid to refute any story on Nyasatimes against DPP Gvt

18. Gvt is sending Intelligence People to track down and deal with Nyasatimes’ Thom Chiumia and owners of other online news publications for criticizing Mw Gvt. It is also trying means of dealing with local private radios (Zodiak which some of us damaged its vehicles, Joy Radio, Capital FM, MIJ and Star Radio and Power 101. It has been agreed with MACRA that MACRA will persecute and control private radios for airing dissenting views but surprisingly it has been told never to take any action on MBC. MBC has been mandated to air untrue stories that are aimed at tarnishing the images of Opposition Parties, Civil Society and Radios that criticise DPP Gvt)

19. During campaigns in 2014, Peter Muntharika would use Arthur as his first name so that he appears first on the presidential elections ballot papers

20. During 2014 elections, where support for opposition is strong, DPP will buy parliamentary candidates with huge sums of money few days before Parliamentary Elections

21. DPP is also banking on the disunity of opposition parties as they know that they will split votes in addition to other tactics mentioned above and below. MBC has been mandated to air all stories about infighting within Opposition parties and among the opposition parties

22. DPP Gvt will still not accept any parallel tally centre and will arrest anyone pursuing this issue or doing that secretly as that may expose their rigging tactics

23. District Commissioners who will be Returning Officers will be called to a special meeting which will falsely publicised to be for development issues, but DPP Gvt will promise them huge sums of money if they participate in rigging in favour of DPP. The ongoing transfer of District Commissioners will continue as they want to strategically put DPP Sympathisers in populous districts where DPP does not have strong supports like Lilongwe District.

24. Some ballot papers and ballot boxes will be secretly shipped into the country and will be used for rigging purposes

25. They want to deal with judges and lawyers from the North through implicating them in corruption charges. They have engaged law breakers and several people who need legal assistance to give moneys to judges and lawyers as if they are gifts and later report that they were forced to bribe them or they will be deploying other ways of implication them. The recent corrupt cases which implicated judges were plots man-made by Mr Nampota of ACB, Police and DPP Govt.

26. The Gvt wants to tactically spread lies that Civil Societies/opposition parties are bankrolled by countries to topple government and put in place govt that will legalize homosexuality. This is one way of discouraging the public not follow civil society leaders. Take note that there are gays in DPP-led Gvt and Gvt is getting money secretly for gay activities. The noise that gvt is making against gay issue is just to buy sympathy from religious grouping and churches so that they should not work with NGOs and Civil Societies

27. Govt has advised its Ministers, Party Officials to character assassinate civil society leaders and that if they are sued Gvt will pay on their behalf. Gvt has promised any DPP official or Gvt official that gvt will pay any costs that courts will demand them to pay if they are involved in character assassination/libel as long as they do that to protect the gvt and the Mw president

28. Gvt is giving business contracts to companies that bankrolled DPP campaign in 2009 and also those that have promised to bankroll its DPP party campaign for 2014 elections including gvt sympathisers (evidence is what one Minister recently said on contracts awards favouring DPP supporters)

29. Gvt has vowed never to pay in full what judiciary workers are demanding unless Malawi judiciary starts favouring Gvt and DPP in cases against GVT and DPP or in cases that DPP and GVt brings to court against its critics

30. Gvt and DPP are buying religious leaders to be prophesying that DPP will win 2014 parliamentary and president elections. These churches and religions will issue letters or documents to its followers to support DPP and its candidates in 2014 elections. He has already put already put some of the clergy in boards’ positions hence cannot say anything against Gvt and DPP. To make matters worse the money is bloody satanic money with Demonic Influence which kills the conscience for truth and love for God. The DPP is also assisting its sympathisers through campaigns to win elections in churches’ positions so that they block any pastoral letters against Gvt and DPP. They have done it with Blantyre Synod and other Churches using satanic blood money hence their silence on the sufferings of Malawians right now as their love of God is dead. These religious leaders who are DPP sympathizers have asked DPP and its Gvt to be donating blood and demonic money and goods to churches/Muslim communities as one way of buying support from them and killing their listening to God’s voice for the suffering of Malawians. They have also asked the DPP to be inviting church/Muslim leaders to presidential residences to buy their support.

31. DPP and Gvt have also taken advantage of corrupt chiefs whom they have given huge sums of money to campaign for Peter Muntharika. More meetings will be held with chiefs country wide to woo them to campaign for Peter Muntharika

32. University Students; take note that DPP has planted its spies in the universities (Mostly in the University of Malawi) who are spying on critics of DPP Gvt. They work underground and are given moneys by DPP to secretly report the whereabouts of such critics and their discussions so that when DPP wants to deal with them they can be easily be identified

33. ADMARC was advised to recently raise the price of Maize so that Mulli Brothers where some other politicians have shares should benefit from selling the maize at lower price. This is because some of the revenues are used in these dirty acts. As gvt is broke, they want to export the maize to get some money.

34. Gvt is planning to either buy Dr Dzamalala (College of Medicine’s Pathologists) or kill him if he does not accept to be bought as he is embarrassing the gvt by exposing lies that Gvt is making about the deaths of people that DPP is killing.

35. Take note that MACRA is one of the funding agents of DPP Party and it is also involved in tracking DPP Gvt critics hence its plants to introduce the spy machine.

36. Gvt is planning to launch more newspapers in addition to Sky newspaper which will be publishing false stories about opposition leaders, civil societies, and other critics. They are currently using Sky Newspaper to publish false documents which DPP is making using forged signatures of opposition leaders or civil society leaders

37. Gvt will be arrest more critics on trump-up cases in order to instil fear in its critics and the public.

38. DPP Gvt will call judges criminals and any lawyer defending their salary issues will also be called criminal and would be arrested.

39. DPP will buy some opposition leaders and civil society leaders who would still operating in their parties and civil societies but advancing agendas of DPP. The will be funded by DPP to form some grouping operating within these Opposition Parties and Civil Societies so as to fight the leaderships or plans of these groupings/parties.

40. DPP will politicise Youth Development Loans and more Loans Funds will be formed for Women and Men which will only be given to DPP sympathisers,

41. DPP will also campaign for Peter Muntharika using sponsorship “Peter Muntharika” Southern Region Football league games in 2013 and 2014. They are also planning to take over sponsorship for Northern Region and Central Region Football leagues and will also sponsor more netball leagues

42. Cabinet Ministers and DPP officials that were previously in MCP Youth Leagues and UDF Young Democrats are coming up with hybrid of terror acts to deal with DPP critics

43. DPP Gvt is trying to buy support from people from Central and Southern Region through University Quota System of Selection by lying to them that the previous system was being abused by authorities whereby only people from Northern Region were favoured at the expense of other regions.

44. DPP is strategizing its support in the Southern Region by appointing more Lomwe people into high office in Civil Service (They think other tribes can sabotage DDP agenda or may leak sensitive plans)

45. There is fear that if someone other than Peter Muntharika is not put into President Office in 2014, there will be more arrests of DPP officials due to high corruption and some killing they have committed and they are afraid that he may dump DPP and form his own party (and later deal with all corrupt officials in DPP Gvt)

46. Government is also targeting all Embassies and International NGOs that criticise DPP-led government and they would like to employ some of the methods stated above to deal with them or close those embassies. It is encouraging its sympathisers to apply for job vacancies within these embassies, international NGOs or UN Agencies in order to spy on them in case they are working against DPP Gvt or funding civil societies for regime change demonstrations. It believes that these Agencies, NGOs and Embassies or their Gvts are bankrolling Civil Societies to topple the govt for regime change.

47. Gvt is planning to print fake money and circulate in the market. They will secretly put some of them in the offices, vehicles, bags of gvt critics and later arrest them for printing fake money.

48. DPP has planned to threaten, arrest or kill Hope Alliance members who are working within DPP Gvt. Gvt has planned to destroy their businesses or petrol bomb their offices, their relatives etc

49. DPP is working with Msosa (EC Chairperson who is trying to save her job) to rig elections. DPP wants the Chief Elections Officer who is sympathiser or supporter of DPP. DPP will talk to the candidates and advise Msosa who should be appointed as the Chief Elections Officer. The appointed one will be secretly invited to meet DPP Gvt Officials to get assurance that he/she will assist them. She thinks by doing so she would save her job as Gvt closed MEC one time.

I am therefore asking the Embassies in Malawi to tighten their security and not rely on Malawi Police as Malawi is already working hand in hand with Al-Qaida to assist on how to deal with its critics by self-bombing. There have also been meetings between Malawi and Zimbabwe Gvt in order to use tactics that Zimbabwe uses to deal with its critics and for Zimbabwe to provide qualified personnel to killing critics in Malawi. Some Zimbabweans are already in Malawi with the blessing of Immigration Dept. Take note that the road to 2012 elections will be bloody because DPP youth wings and other Gvt Machineries are geared for bloody campaign until Peter Muntharika wins elections.

We have recorded-tapes for various meetings that DPP officials have been holding during which these mechanisms have been discussed and agreed. Fortunately, there are few DPP officials who do not agree with these issues but record these discussions using their phone and other gadgets and share us such information. They are aware that tactics that their fellow DPP officials are criminal and they can be lead to prosecution once DPP is out of gvt.

We have records in terms of minutes, recorded tapes of these dirty and dangerous plans by DPP officials and gvt machinery. We promise to release them when the DPP will be out of gvt even if it means after thirty years. Government has promised to protect us and all other bombers, killers etc either by giving us police security, or sending us abroad to Zimbabwe or China. But the blood of innocent people haunts some of us who have not been in this business before. It is like we are in slavery.

The killings, petrol bombing, accidents have a blessing of the cabinet. This is why Hon. Patricia Kaliati, Ntaba, etc can refute true stories and give their own untrue versions because they plan what they would say to the public once the killing/bombing missions are accomplished or fail. Remember the Robert Chasowa case and Kasambala issue; they did the same by coming up with their own untrue versions. Those that killed Robert Chasowa, petrol-bombed Sembereka’s and Hajaat’ offices/houses and those that wanted to kill Kasambara are protected by the DPP Gvt. The people that killed Robert Chasowa were given MWK2,000,000 each. The security company that provides security services at Polytechnic was involved in the case of Chasowa as they were told that the plan would be done at night hence should not reveal anything and were given money by the Security Company owner.

Take note that Gvt is also relying on Spy Machine to track sms and phone calls for its critics.

My advice is the following:

1. Please tighten your security both at home and offices and always travel with security. It might be expensive but your lives are expensive than the cost of your security.

2. Ensure you alert your friends and relatives whenever you are travelling so that they should know about your whereabouts and where you travelling to.

3. Avoid texting sensitive information on phones as government is trapping information of its critics and may fake a case against you

4. Go for medical assistance to hospitals whose doctors/nurses you trust (Gvt through Ntaba has planted his agents in hospitals to medically poison critics). Avoid doctors like those that Gvt sent to examine the illness of Kasambala at Mwayiwathu and also Dr. Nyirenda, Dr. Namarika etc, they have been mandated to do medical poisoning.

5. Ensure secret documents are kept in multiple storage systems in case police comes to your offices to steal and destroy evidence against government.

6. Do not trust your friends who are in DPP gvt because others have been mandated to spy on critics who are regarded as their friends

7. Do not trust the police (they have been unprofessional not because they want but they are threatened to do so)

8. The machinery which is headed by Kumtsaila is more dangerous than it was before he took it over and the reason for bring him into this machinery is to witch-hunt and destroy DPP critics. Critics please avoid associating with him and if possible find out who are within his institution to avoid being shocked with kidnappings

9. Please spend some time in prayers (Pray to Jesus. Jesus Protects. I failed to kill one Critic because Jesus immediately whisked him away when I was about to trigger my gun (provided to me by DPP officials) when he was getting out of his vehicle in 2010. This was when DPP gvt asked me to kill him. Jesus appeared from nowhere in blood and asked me, “Did my blood I shed on the cross for your sins not enough? It was a horrible scene. I am sure some will experience the same because other people are praying hard for our country. Take note that some DPP officials are satanic worshippers and do consult the Devil and its demons for attacks on DPP Critics. You should not be surprised that they do dangerous things shamelessly refute each and every truth by lying to the nation in trying to defend their gvt and DPP party. This is because their father, the Devil is a Father of Lies. The agents of the Devil will even refute whatever is in this document though they know that it is the truth.

10. You traders in Markets please ensure that you employ your own guards because DPP petrol bombers that are bombing markets work together with guards that are employed by the District or Town or City Assemblies. Their aim is to ensure that they tarnish the image of NGOs and so that when they assist the markets through compensations etc they should be seen as good politicians to the traders. They think this is one way of getting supporters from the markets. This is devilish considering that what people lose is bigger than the compensations.

11. Please avoid discussing criticisms against government in public. Watch who is close to you. Gvt has deployed its sympathisers to report to police anyone who criticises gvt or beat him/her up. They are rewards that are given to them secretly.

12. Malawians working in Embassies, please love your country hence do not leak secret information to the public or Gvt. Embassies write such information for the benefit of the whole country. If countries close their embassies in Malawi, you will lose your jobs and will not be employed by Malawi Gvt. Please leave your job and join the civil service if you cannot keep secrets. Some of you secretly leak the information to the press and Malawi Gvt. Don’t you take Oaths of Secrecy in your institutions?

13. DPP is using divide and rule system as well as regionalistic statements to deal with the pressure from the public. Since some of DPP critics are from the North, Kaliati and Ntaba are bringing in regionalistic statements that it is Northern Region People that are against DPP Gvt so that people from Central Region and Southern Region should not join the battle against DPP’s autocratic rule. Remember, Chakufwa Chihana fought against Kamuzu Banda and no one complained about that. When Muluzi won the Presidential Elections, Chihana accepted the results. So Malawians please do not take heed of Ntaba and Kaliati’s false statements, they speak what their spiritual god, the Devil tells them. DPP just uses Northern Region and Central Regions like condoms to win votes but it does not care much about them right now. This is why construction of Karonga Chitipa Road can take years to complete but University in Thyolo can take few years to complete; what would be Lilongwe University was moved to Thyolo, What would be Lilongwe Stadium is shifted to Blantyre. They do not care that Lilongwe is Capital City of Malawi. Take note that DPP Gvt is discussing with China to move Capital City to Thyolo with funding from China but they changed because they were afraid that they would lose support in Lilongwe considering that it has a population of about 1 million. They do not care that Kamuzu built New State House not because he was from Central Region but because Lilongwe is the capital city. DPP officials say that Kamuzu did not develop this country (yet their Head of State is living in New State House built by Kamuzu and Peter Munthalika sometimes stay in Mtunthama Residence in Lilongwe built by Kamuzu, their Head of State also stays in Sanjika built by the same Kamuzu) and surprisingly another day they can say developments were concentrated in Central Region (you wonder which is this development now).

14. I ask Christians to pray earnestly and fervently for Jesus to save this country and to save the youth from being demonically used by the DPP. Most of us the youths who are employed by DPP to cause riots, accidents, violence, deaths, petrol bombing etc are not doing it because of our will but the heads of these machineries have demonic powers that influences the youths into these satanic acts. Others join such inhuman machineries because of poverty.

15. You men of God please do not be bought with appointment in Boards of Parastatals etc at the expense of the democracy in Malawi. Pray for your country and speak the truth like the Prophets did in the Old Testaments or like Apostle Paul did in the New Testament. Men of God should not be bribed. I feel sorry for those who are leading the Commission of Inquiry into 20th July, 2011 killings and those Leading Gvt Side on discussions being done with Civil Society leaders on 20 demands. They are bought and the money they are given makes them blind to see the link of the arrest of Kasambara and the issues that are being discussed between Gvy and Civil Society leaders. They are not looking for the truth to please God but are killing the truth for the sake of pleasing DPP-led Gvt.

16. Judges and Lawyers please think twice before you receive gifts from people you do not know even during festivities like Christmas, Easter Holidays etc.

17. As judges have joined the Judiciary Strike, DPP Gvt has plans to arrest judges and Magistrates. Even before they joined DPP had plans to arrest them on trump up corruption cases including that of bails for Kasambara and his colleagues.

Take note that when DPP is voted out there will be more people coming in the open giving evidence of civil and criminal cases committed by DPP officials and Cabinet ministers. This is why DPP do not want to lose elections in 2014. You might note that some people started saying that Bingu should stand for the 3rd term. It is because they doubt that Peter Muntharika can win 2014 election if rigging plans fail.

All those Cabinet Ministers, DPP Officials whose corruption cases are put under the carpet by ACB, have been advised to fight tooth and nail for DPP to win 2014 elections as they know that if they do not win, their cases will be taken up by new gvt. Take note that Chimunthu Banda, Kandodo and others are being planned to be eliminated by the MTL (Mulanje Thyolo Limited Cabinet and Senior DPP). More and more meetings are being held like the one whose discussions were recorded by MIJ reporter last year. Well-wishers within DPP record whatever they discuss and leak the information out. At an appointed time (after DPP is out of the Gvt) we will release these recordings and I promise you Malawi will know dirty issues that DPP have been doing!

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Comments (15)

  • Ha ha ha


    by talking about satanism you have diluted your claims


  • fm


    where did malawidemocrat get this info? there are a lot of vague accusations here. it could be something, but needs a lot more elaboration. many of the items would warrant a full article of more than a thousand words. we need more investigations. could the writer elaborate with more names and examples of actions were carried out?


  • Ndirande Love


    This is rubbish! Who in their rite mind would hatch up a plan to kill someone and have such an amount of information out, in that it is not specific? Malawians are all connected in one way or the other, what group of people would be able to plan and target such an amount of people. Who ever put this together think that Malawians are as stupid as he is.

    Chauncy sure has time on his hands to waste.


  • Annie


    u cld have made these warnings b4 chasowa s murder and b4 the petrol bombs


  • Matako


    Thank you Fm. Information like this can not be raised without cause. As the saying goes no smoke without fire. The noose is tightening around Bingu’s and the DPP. The heat is on. They can run but they can not hide. There is more information about DPP satanic activities and we will be prepared to sacrifice our lives if the need be. Malawi is our country not Munthalika’s. We are aware that there are plans for Bingu to rigg the elections. what he does not know howver, is that the same people who helped him last time are not on his side come 2014. The tricks and the strategy deployed has been exposed. Opposition parties are more aware of the tactics used and they have every reason to ask for independent monitors even though we know damn well that the DPP gov’t will be against that. That’s why they are starting now to accuse civil societies of being funded by foreign gov’st and ploting a coup. Bingu is seeing Ghosts just like Mugabe. Malawians should not fear any one. Lets take to the streets and get read of this snile, alcoholic one ball man Bingu!!!


  • kwanunkwanu


    What I am reading here is simply a chronology of what has been said now and again but its authenticity is in question. It is important to know that when you provoke situations where you begin to live in fear, do not entice whole society to be with you. We have been saying that live by what you can, dont engage in things that at the end of the day will simply put you on the run. To me, this write up is a case where somebody is on the run. What are newspapers to some of us? What is civil society to some people? What do they do to bring bread and butter on our plates? They get funding from donors and other people which never trickles down to all of us. Please realize that when you begin certain things you must be prepared to deal with them. The guilty are always afraid. If the cause you are fighting for is genuine, dont be afraid.

    How can you say DPP has planted people in all those departments? Those are government employees, if they are doing that they are simply doing what you are also doing. Who told you to write this article? On whose behalf are you writing it? Who has sent you? Would it be wrong for others to think you have been planted at the Malawi Democrat to write this? How different are you from those you claim to have been planted? Achimwene/chemwali, just work for your life and home. True freedom fighters are those who fought the British and won us independence. After that, its up to you if you want to president campaign and win. Battle of democracy is in elections not demos or newspaper articles.


  • Mo Fire!


    Nothing new here, this is what has been happening in Malawi all along. DPP has placed Lomwe idiots and bootlickers in all strategic positions to facilitate plundering of coffers and go scot free (The Ligoyas, Mwanamvekas, Mukhitos, Nampotas etc), spys are all over (academic freedom saga) and everyone is scared of big brother listening to conversations (kumangidwa kwa azilonda a G5 etc). Oppression is the order of the day. Only a fool now trusts khoba wa chimalawi. Those refuting what this article says are just like Mutharika who refutes that Malawians are going through extreme hardships never seen before. Kugona a Malawi kukutipwetekesa.


  • muthe


    typical scare mongering.why cant u name the people u r talking about?




    Anthu osayamika inu, munthu wakuuzani inu mukukayika. mmalo momapemphela,and iwe how can u ask kuti malawi democrat yazitenga kuti are u so daft that u dint read kuti munthuyo amatumizila anthu ma email? and after all as a news page amayenela kusaka nkhani. tiyeni tizingopemphela basi.


  • Lionel Messi


    A bingu please learn from the past. Muluzi thought he would rule for 30 yrs,ask him now where is he and UDF.There were kings and rulers (like Pharol of Egypt,Nebchadnezah of Babylon,Presidents like sadam hussain of Iraq, Gaddaf of Libya).where are these leaders now?No matter what evil you may plan to do to people who critised your policies but if God does not allow them to die your demands will not reach.God knows how to protect his people and has his greatest machinery than a man has. Learn from the people I have mentioned and take note of this.Your plans may not be fulfilled with any cause God can put before.Israel suffered for 50 yrs in babylon under Nebuchadneza but letter God sent cyrus to destroy Babylon.Gaddaf turtured the Libyans for 42 yrs, look now, where is Gaddaf? Pharol tortured the children of Israel,and had to show him nine plague but he conceded defeat after the 10th plague and his solders died in the red sea. Becareful with your evil plan Bingu your father is satan and whatever your father wants you do. We Malawians are protected by the blood of our Lord Jesus christ.

    I thank you the one has sent us this infor.Continue tipping us with such infor. Thank you


  • christianol ronadol


    Choka Bingu,there was kamuzu the first president of the republic of Malawi. People made him the life president from nowhere chihana came for change.Kamuzu was nowhere in 1992 and 1994.Kamuzu killed many critics during time in power but letter was weakened.I am sory with u Bingu.Chifukwa chake mumasikira ku mbali ya katundu ku airport, Ndiwe satana,kumasanduka katundu very early in the morning and afternoon.


  • Smooth Sam


    Dude, whoever you are, you need to spend time writing things we dont already know. could you please share with us the tape, minutes, videos, whatever evidence you have so that, may be, we take you seriously


  • chibwatiko mbekamachuni


    some of us are just used to brushing others aside. One thing that recently happened is the submission of interview results of Chief elections ofiicer to the president when the election act does not specify that. even msosa agree that the Act does not specify that but she went ahead to submit to the president why? A malawi kukonda kudelerana ndi kumene kukutipweteketsa. Lets us wake up.




    Zonsezi zikuchititikazi ndi signs of the end of times therefore tisaloze munthu chala chachikulu tizingopemphera basi. Kwa onse osalapa lapani basi. Tiyenera kukumananazo basi izi poti ndi zolembedwa mmalemba basiiiiiiiiiiiii


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